Meet Steph & The Freshie Boys!

Hey everyone! We can not thank you enough for your support and feedback over the past year!
I am Stephanie the owner and creator of our freshies. Born and raised in Southern Maryland, residing in Towson, Maryland for now. You can't keep me away from the River for too long! I also own and operate 6 recovery houses in the Baltimore area. Working in the field, becoming a counselor and all the opportunities that came about in the recovery world blessed me with opportunities to take advantage of my knowledge and make my own sober living program. I take pride in both companies as if they are my kids. If your ever struggling with addiction or have a loved one struggling in addiction, I encourage you to message me. I am here for you.
If you have met me you most likely have met one of the freshie boys! They are my pride and joy. Audi is 9 and Brayden is 14! The blessings of this business have given them opportunities to meet the community, learn how to read people's energy, and how to communicate in public. The moments they have when they meet you at events are life changing to them. Their confidence grows, and their knowledge grows. They are the sale guys that also help me so much behind the scenes as we have expanded so much this year.

Want to pick up a Freshie today? Shop at one of our store locations:

Kara's K-9 Waffle Treats - Forest Hill, MD
EL&Company - Pasadena, MD
Keepin’ It Local - Morganza, MD
Cottage Tea Boutique - Charlotte Hall, MD