Signature Fragrance List

Phthalate-free fragrances

Love Spell: Indulge in a sophisticated and feminine fragrance with notes of peach, apple blossom, coconut milk, jasmine, and hydrangea blossoms. The scent is completed with hints of vanilla, white musk, and powder. *Inspired by Victoria Secret.

Pink Sands:Experience a heavenly garden filled with the aroma of zesty citrus, exotic fruits, luscious greens, delicate flowers, and a splash of musk. * Inspired by Yankee Candle

Diva: Picture a burst of fresh, fruity goodness like a basket of green apples, mixed with the sweet floral vibes of jasmine and lily of the valley. Then, dive into a cozy blanket of lavender with a touch of earthy woods and musky goodness - it's like a nature walk in a bottle!

Mama Tried: Imagine a zesty grapefruit partying with soft florals and sweet berries in a delightful fragrance blend that screams 'sweet treat'! It's like a fruity carnival for your nose!

Sweet Grace: It's like a dance party with passion fruits, sparkling tea, and patchouli. It's the perfect blend of fruity fun, bubbly vibes, and a hint of earthy coolness. Get ready to groove with this scent! *Inspired Scent

Volcano: Breathe in the exotic, captivating scent of juicy tropical fruits, zesty citrus, and the lush greenery of a vibrant forest. *Inspired by Capri Blue

Sunset Citrus:Experience a unique and refreshing blend of zesty citrus sorbet and crunchy apples, complemented by flirty jasmine and magnolia flowers. The fragrance concludes with a cozy, woodsy finish and a hint of musk.

Jamaica Me Crazy: Picture yourself lounging on a sun-soaked beach, sipping on a deliciously fruity cocktail with a touch of coconut and a sprinkle of vanilla sweetness - that's the tropical paradise bottled up in this fragrance!

Tiki Beach: Imagine strolling through a vibrant orchard bursting with zesty citrus fruits and delicate wild orchids, as a cozy blend of vanilla musk and sweet sandalwood wraps you in a warm embrace!
*BBW Inspired Scent

Fiji White Sands: Transport yourself to a sunny paradise with the refreshing aroma of Fiji White Sands. Delicate whispers of sandalwood, sugarcane, and white nectarine dance in a harmonious blend of soft, sweet citrus, revitalizing your senses with every breath. *BBW Inspired Scent

Black Ice: Smell tangy citrus, soft jasmine, and earthy musk. Hints of zesty lemon-lime and ambergris are woven in the background, giving this fragrance a luxurious finish.

Barber Shoppe: Picture a classic barbershop, with the scent of fresh basil leaves, spicy wood, and a hint of bergamot in the air. It's a clean, musky fragrance, perfect for the modern gentleman.

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce: Enjoyed by all genders. Hints of musk, citrus, and floral. As if you just walked into an Abercrombie store.

50 Shades: Reminiscent of a well educated, sophisticated, hot man. Imagine stepping into a freshly cleaned room with a hint of that just-out-of-the-dryer linen scent, paired with a zesty kick of crisp, powdery Bergamot – it's like a breath of fresh air in a bottle!

Oceanside Air: Take a deep breath and be transported to a sun-soaked shore, where a salty, fresh breeze caresses your senses.

Coastal Waters: Let this vibrant, dreamy profile whisk you away to a seaside stroll at twilight, infused with zesty lemon, briny ocean breeze, and soothing sea greens.

Sea Island Cotton: Seashore and clean cotton mix. *Inspired by BBW

Mahogany Coconut:Get whisked away to a tropical paradise with a lush fusion of island coconut and the mysterious essence of mahogany wood.

Dark Amber Rosewood: LITE Magnetic fragrance that's both manly and mellow. A concoction of tonka bean and rosewood, resting on a bed of black amber resin. Zesty pops of fresh citrus and cedarwood add a dash of zest to this enigmatic scent.

Iced Vanilla Woods: LITE A blend of cool, creamy vanilla w/woody undertones and a touch of frosty allure.

Wildflower Whispers: Picture a magical meadow where wildflowers twirl in the breeze, whispering enchanting secrets. With notes of rosewood, wild iris, violets, and freesia, this scent captivates with natural beauty. And as the fragrance settles into base notes of white musk, sandalwood, and tonka, a tranquil aura lingers, leaving you spellbound.

Cedar Musk Lavender: Get ready for a power-packed scent adventure with a mix of mahogany, cedar, geranium, and woodsy goodness, all spiced up with a touch of lavender for that extra oomph. It's like a confident swagger in a bottle! *BBW Inspired Scent

Apple Pie

Cinnamon Bun

Strawberry Pound Cake

Macintosh Apple