Signature Fragrance List

Phthalate-free fragrances

Love Spell: Indulge in a sophisticated and feminine fragrance with notes of peach, apple blossom, coconut milk, jasmine, and hydrangea blossoms. The scent is completed with hints of vanilla, white musk, and powder. *Inspired by Victoria Secret.

Pink Sands:Experience a heavenly garden filled with the aroma of zesty citrus, exotic fruits, luscious greens, delicate flowers, and a splash of musk. * Inspired by Yankee Candle

Midnight Peony:Experience a magical blend of lush greens, sweet raspberry, and pretty pink peony, topped off with bubbles of prosecco magic. Warm musk and amber provide an enchanting finish.

Volcano: Breathe in the exotic, captivating scent of juicy tropical fruits, zesty citrus, and the lush greenery of a vibrant forest. *Inspired by Capri Blue

Endless Summer: Lounge around and soak in the luxurious blend of zesty mandarin, delicate magnolia, and lily of the valley, kissed by the luscious mist of coconut water. *Inspired by BBW

Sunset Citrus:Experience a unique and refreshing blend of zesty citrus sorbet and crunchy apples, complemented by flirty jasmine and magnolia flowers. The fragrance concludes with a cozy, woodsy finish and a hint of musk.

Fruit Loops:Sniff the air and be transported to a time of sugary nostalgia with the tantalizing scent of fruit loops in a bowl!

Monkey Farts:A playful, one-of-a-kind medley of fresh bananas, creamy coconut, and luscious vanilla, topped off with a mouth-watering whiff of bubblegum.

Black Ice: Smell tangy citrus, soft jasmine, and earthy musk. Hints of zesty lemon-lime and ambergris are woven in the background, giving this fragrance a luxurious finish.

Barber Shoppe: Picture a classic barbershop, with the scent of fresh basil leaves, spicy wood, and a hint of bergamot in the air. It's a clean, musky fragrance, perfect for the modern gentleman.

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce: Enjoyed by all genders. Hints of musk, citrus, and floral. As if you just walked into an Abercrombie store.

Oceanside Air: Take a deep breath and be transported to a sun-soaked shore, where a salty, fresh breeze caresses your senses.

Coastal Waters: Let this vibrant, dreamy profile whisk you away to a seaside stroll at twilight, infused with zesty lemon, briny ocean breeze, and soothing sea greens.

Sea Island Cotton: Seashore and clean cotton mix. *Inspired by BBW

New Car: *Inspired by a new car smell.

Gain: *Inspired by Gain

Mahogany Coconut:Get whisked away to a tropical paradise with a lush fusion of island coconut and the mysterious essence of mahogany wood.

Dark Amber Rosewood:Magnetic fragrance that's both manly and mellow. A concoction of tonka bean and rosewood, resting on a bed of black amber resin. Zesty pops of fresh citrus and cedarwood add a dash of zest to this enigmatic scent.

Iced Vanilla Woods: A blend of cool, creamy vanilla w/woody undertones and a touch of frosty allure.

Apple Pie

Cinnamon Bun

Strawberry Pound Cake

Macintosh Apple